Post 543 – Bull Session: NFL Draft Days Two and Three

We have another NFL Draft in the books and I look at Days 2 & 3…..By my estimates, New Jersey had eight players drafted and that includes two who played their football in another state. I will have something on them soon, along with those who signed as undrafted free agents…..Of the eight players I was wrong about in the first round, seven went in the second round and one in the third. Three went in the first four picks in the second round: Tee Higgins, D’Andre Swift, and Xavier McKinney. Yetur Gross-Matos went in the sixth pick and Ross Blacklock with the eighth. The one who went in the third round was Joshua Jones…..I also had 17 projected second rounders get drafted in the second round. Of the 15 I missed on, 8 went in round one, while 7 went in the third round…..Of the 42 picks in the third, including compensatory ones, I had 5 in the second, 14 in the third, 13 in the fourth, 6 in the fifth, 3 in the sixth, and 1 in the seventh (KJ Hill)…..I have never been a big fan of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, but he grew on me over the three days and I now like him…..I want to know what the picture is behind Jet GM Joe Douglas’ desk. It looks like a football game from many years ago…..With all the cameras in the individual draftees homes, I wish they could have put one in Aaron Rodgers’ home to see the look on his face when they traded up to select Jordan Love…..The father of second round pick of the Houston Texans, Ross Blacklock,  played and is now a coach on the Harlem Globetrotters: Jimmy Blacklock…..The booboo of the day came in the seventh round when Trey Wingo announced Miami picking Malcolm Perry as being from Army when he was actually from Navy…..While watching player highlights, I get to see all the uniforms combinations a team uses. Personally, I like some of them, but it can take away from a team’s identity. For example, Utah had helmets in red, white, and silver. However, the many combinations Oregon uses is their identity…..The positives about the virtual draft was getting to know the personalities of coaches, GM’s, etc. The best home belonged to Arizona coach Kliff Kingsbury, a home that looked straight out of a Miami Vice episode…..Who didn’t like Bill Belichick’s dog?…..Memorable things: the inside of Jerry Jones’ yacht…..Detroit coach Matt Patricia cracking rarely seen smiles with his kid…..Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians chilling out outside the kitchen – they kept saying patio, but it looked like it was inside…..If Devin Duvernay has a good career, I will remember Raven coach John Harbaugh pumping his fist after the choice…..Was it me, did I almost see Jet coach Adam Gase’s eyes almost bulge out like they did in his introductory press conference?…..One negative about the draft is the musical performances periodically performed throughout the telecasts. It took up space and there was one point on Saturday when the studio reviews of each pick was fifteen picks behind the selection just made…..I alluded to the different helmets Utah had and that’s because they had seven players picked in this year’s draft. Add five last year and eight in 2017 and the Utes are a program that has arrived…..Another thing I have noticed while scouring the list of players who signed as free agents is there are several each from Baylor, Wake Forest, Mississippi, Notre Dame, Oregon, and Michigan. What that tells me is they had talent, but not the elite talent of LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, and Georgia…..Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence is the consensus pick to be the first player chosen in next year’s draft, but an article I read in The Athletic shows the last quarterback who was the consensus top quarterback heading both into and out of the year was Andrew Luck in 2011. Every year since then, there has been a different player to be the first quarterback chosen…..That’s it for now; hope to see you soon with some more bull! 

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