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Team previews have started! 

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After fourteen years of covering high school football, I am excited to present the PJR Sports Report.

While there is still an emphasis on high school football in New Jersey, I will branch into sports on the professional and collegiate level to provide year-round information.  There will also be a section on classic rock music, something I am very knowledgeable about and something I enjoy.

High School Football – I will do what I have done before: team previews, game stories, polls for catholic schools, large public schools, and small public schools.  There will also be other things I will do that I was not able to do before.  In addition, if I have something to say regarding other high school sports, they will be posted here.

Pro/College Football – I will add what crosses my mind.  There will be commentary on my favorite team, the Giants, and other NFL happenings, including the Jets and Eagles.  I will go back in time and write about past players and teams.  In college, Rutgers has coverage in newspapers and other websites, but one rarely sees Princeton and Monmouth coverage.  While I can’t promise to post about them on a regular basis, I will try to get information on them.

Other Sports – Mostly, this will have emphasis on hockey, baseball, and basketball.  Hockey gets overlooked and ignored on many outlets, with people not seeing what a beautiful game it is.

Gallery – Photographers are welcome to send me photos of high school football games played.  Feel free to contact me and I can upload some of your photos with the photographer being credited.

Classic Rock – I have the same passion in this area that I have for sports and I will express my thoughts on many acts in this category: it may not be sports, but it is entertainment, like sports.  This will mostly cover the music of the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s, but I will not limit myself to that.

As I type this, I will be constantly improving things I am doing There will be a few hiccups initially, but I will do my best to provide top coverage.  Stay patient and I am confident you will enjoy this site.

Pat “PJR” Rice – July 12, 2018