Post 542 – Bull Session, NFL Draft Night One

Round One of the NFL Draft is in the books and I correctly picked 24 of 32 picks. Most others I checked had 24 or 23 – the only one who had more was Daniel Jeremiah, who picked 27…..I almost had the first 16 picked in the first 16, but CeeDee Lamb fell to the Cowboys. Didn’t Jerry Jones look happy?…..As for who picked who, I am not one to criticize a team for who they picked. They are privy to more info that you or I are. Once they’re picked, it’s up to the player and team to prove people right or wrong…..I thought the “virtual draft” worked very well and would not have a problem if they did it that way regularly, but that is not going to happen. The broadcast from a city works out well for the fans and I am OK with it either way…..It was good to see the NFL reschedule the draft for Las Vegas in 2022…..I am OK with the Giants selection of Andrew Thomas. I would have been happy with Isaiah Simmons, but we can only pick one at a time. Now we can only support the choice and hope it works out…..The Jets selection of Mekhi Becton is one that I hope works out well for the Jets…..I was surprised with Eagles selection of Jalen Reagor, but not in a bad way. My mock had them picking Brandon Aiyuk and Justin Jefferson was available. Reagor, in my opinion, will do what DeSean Jackson did and I have seen video of Reagor: he’s exciting…..As for commercials, the ESPN one with the New Jersey Devil mascot on the elevator headed down was good, granted it’s a hockey mascot…..Another interesting one was the Dell commercial featuring Jeffrey Wright. You may be familiar with his role as Valentin Narcisse in Boardwalk Empire – very good actor…..Boy, Suzy Kolber’s hair looked like a train wreck last night. I wonder if Joe Namath wants to kiss her now – with all respect to Joe…..Once again, Bill Belichick trades back again. Combined with the Rob Gronkowski deal, he has two extra picks, not including the second rounder they received from the Chargers, a third and a fourth…..The Raiders selection of Henry Ruggs is a typical Al Davis choice, if he was still alive: a speed burner at WR…..How ironic was it when the Packers traded up to pick Jordan Love as the guy to replace Aaron Rodgers, the way they picked Rodgers to replace Brett Favre?…..I am happy for the lone Jersey guy being selected in Cesar Ruiz, but I was hoping he would be available when the Giants picked…..The best league in college football, the SEC, had 15 players selected in a 32-man first round…..No running back was picked until the last one – expect three to go in round two, including Salem’s Jonathan Taylor…..Tennessee’s first round pick Isaiah Wilson played for Poly Prep in Brooklyn before heading to Georgia…..With Tua Tagovailoa now a Dolphin, does Josh Rosen get traded for the second time in two years?…..Seattle has had some unexpected first round choices and this year’s was no different, but at least I had Jordyn Brooks going in round two, unlike the last two years…..The players picked in round one that I didn’t have going there: I had them in the second round at 40, 46, 47, 51, 53, 56, 61, and 64……My first rounders that are still available: DeAndre Swift, Xavier McKinney, Ross Blacklock, AJ Epenesa, Joshua Jones, Yetur Gross-Matos, Tee Higgins, and JK Dobbins…..That’s it for now. I plan on being back to recap round two and three with more bull.

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