Post 260 – Bull Session 19-04

High school football was over two months ago and we are in the middle of the winter sports season.  I follow some of the winter sports, as well as a few spring sports, but I have nowhere near the passion I have for high school football.  I have my thoughts and opinions on the other sports and I state them here when it is appropriate, but it’s high school football that I love.  On the professional level, I enjoy all four major sports and that is why I write about that when high school football is not in season…..On the subject of high school football, Dan Sabella has been named head coach at Don Bosco and I wish him well.  I expect the Ironmen to be strong this year and having Chuck Granatell returning to Bosco as an assistant is a good hire.  If they can get more out of the quarterback position, they can have a very good year.  It’s the following one or two years after that where the big challenge lies…..Caught two of the quarter-final games at the Bergen Jamboree and the player who impressed me the most was Ramsey center Sean Hansen.  At 6-9, he is very athletic and mobile; he blocked shots, rebounded, scored inside and out, and had a couple of steals.  On top of that, he did this against Bergen Catholic and their two big men, Zach Freemantle and Matt Zona.  Everybody I spoke to was impressed by him and he’s a junior, which means I can watch him next year – I will find a way…..Another player I was impressed with was Ramapo guard KC Hunt…..The high school state basketball playoffs and the wrestling districts, regions, and states will be starting soon and there are sure to be some memorable games and matches…..I enjoy seeing any good wrestler, but I really enjoy seeing a couple of football players square off…..I caught some of the Alliance of American Football (AAF) game this past Saturday night featuring the San Diego Fleet against the San Antonio Commanders.  I was hoping to catch Atlanta because Matt Simms is on the team and it looked like they had a tough night.  Evidently, kicker Younghoe Koo of Ridgewood kicked the first points in league history on a field goal…..The AAF snuck up on people, as there was no hype that I saw leading up to the inaugural weekend; it simply popped up…..Pitchers and catchers will be reporting almost any day, which brings me to the Yankees and Mets.  I would be more confident in the Yankees going far if they could improve their starting pitching.  The Mets new GM Brodie Van Wagenen is talking big: now he has to back it up……It just dawned on me, but March Madness is one month away…..In addition, NFL free agency is a few weeks away and that can give us a better idea what positions the teams are going to draft, especially since the Giants and Jets are in the first six picks…..In hockey, the Islanders keep on winning….That’s it for this week, I will be back soon with some more bull!

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