Post 259 – Pro Football – Giants Heading Into The Draft

The Giants will be picking sixth in a draft that is strong in pass rushers.  They have many needs and can go in many directions with their picks.

The most obvious would be a pass rusher and a quarterback. The Giants defense had very little pass rush that played a factor in losing games.  In addition, Eli Manning turned 38 and they need a successor.  If the Giants go the quarterback route early, the most likely player is Dwayne Haskins.  He can sit behind Manning for one year, maybe two, and step in as the starting quarterback.  

Their needs are at quarterback, offensive line, and defense.  

Their most glaring weakness on defense is the lack of a pass rusher and as I said earlier, this is a deep group of good pass rushers in the draft.  But face it, the Giants have no impact players on the defensive side of the ball. Free safety is a big need because Curtis Riley was a big liability and it is questionable whether he will return.  Picking a good free safety in the draft or free agent signing will help the Giants at two positions, freeing Landon Collins to play closer to the line of scrimmage where he can excel and perhaps be an impact player.  Collins had an outstanding year in 2016, but has only been good the last two years.

On the defensive line, they have two good, young pieces in end BJ Hill and nose tackle Dalvin Tomlinson.  They could use another top guy here and RJ McIntosh, a fifth round pick last year, missed most of last year and may be able to help.  

Linebacker has long been a neglected position when Jerry Reese was the GM.  The pass rusher they need will likely be an outside, 3-4 linebacker. However, they need talent here, whether it is inside or outside.  

The secondary is very shaky, starting at free safety, but cornerback is also in need of major improvement.  Janoris Jenkins had an erratic year and comes with a heavy price tag, making him a candidate to be released.  Sam Beal was chosen in the third round of the supplemental draft, but he missed the season; hopefully, he is one answer and they will need more help here.  

The offensive line has long been a big problem and they have two solid pieces on the left side of the line in Nate Solder and Will Hernandez.  Now they need to solidify the rest of the line; right tackle Clint Wheeler is not the answer and an upgrade is needed.  They should also look for an interior lineman.  I think they will sign at least one veteran free agent.  Regardless, they should also pick at least one guy in the first five rounds, possibly in the first two rounds.  

In short, the Giants should pick the best player available at quarterback, offensive line, and any defensive position.  Just pick the the best available player. They enjoyed a good draft this past year under GM Dave Gettleman and will need two more good drafts to become a good team.  

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