Post 963 – Catholic Poll

The Top Four has been turned on its head after the weekend. Don Bosco came in and routed #1 Bergen Catholic and are in the driver’s seat at #1. If they continue to play that way, especially on defense, they will be very difficult to beat. But the season is a marathon and the cream always rises to the top. 

1 – Don Bosco (3-2) – I had the Ironmen at #4 last week because of their two losses and poor defensive play. They brought their A-game this weekend and gave many what they were waiting for. The light went on and this game has established them as the favorite in Non-Public A. Their offensive line manhandled Bergen’s defensive front and I never would have thought they were going to hold the Crusaders to seven points – they were giving up nearly 30 points a game heading into last weekend. All they have to do is continue the way they played this past weekend. 

2 – St. Peter’s Prep (4-1) – Their loss to St. Joe’s Prep of Philadelphia left a very bad taste in my mouth. It was 49-7 late in the second quarter and the final score looked a little more respectable, but that 49-7 stands out in my mind. But they showed something positive in their comeback win against St. Joe’s (Montvale). The Marauders have a big test in front of them this Friday night against Bosco. 

3 – Red Bank Catholic (5-0) – The Caseys have done all that is asked of them, so far. It is fashionable to knock their schedule, but they are willing to schedule up when they have the chance. Remember, 75% of the state really doesn’t care what the North Jersey Catholics do and RBC has loyalty to the Shore Conference. They have Seton Hall Prep this Friday night as an independent game and they had Archbishop Wood of Pa. scheduled originally in the Battle of the Boardwalk before Wood backed out. They are a very good team that gets underestimated by many in the North Jersey Parochial community and few gave them a chance against DePaul in the Non-Public B final. But the Caseys won and are the defending champs in Non-Public B.  

4 – Bergen Catholic (4-1) – What a difference a week makes! From #1 to #4! The Crusaders were walloped worse than the 31-7 score indicates and I’m being nice. Bosco exposed their offensive line and the much-heralded defense was manhandled beyond belief. The Crusaders had the ball for eleven minutes-and-change during a 48-minute game! Without a doubt, this was the worst and most embarrassing Bergen loss to Bosco since the 2002 game when many Bergen players cramped up. Now it is time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again and it starts this Friday night against DePaul. One more thing: can someone please put a flamethrower to those all-black uniforms? BC’s colors are red and gold. As Fred Stengel said in the Crusade, “red-and-gold and they win, that’s a good thing!”

5 – St. Joe’s, Montvale (2-3)
6 – Donovan Catholic (3-1)
7 – Seton Hall Prep (3-1)
8 – DePaul (1-3)
9 – Delbarton (1-3)
10 – St. Joe’s (Hammonton) (2-1)
11 – Holy Spirit (4-1)
12 – Hudson Catholic (4-0)
13 – St. Thomas Aquinas (4-1)
14 – St. Augustine (1-4) 

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