Post 762 – Bull Session Week Six

Hip hip hooray! The Giants won! So did the Jets. Both in overtime. The G-men will have a hard time with Dallas, this week, though….Khiri Summers, a junior, for South Brunswick had a big game, catching 4 for 155 yards and three touchdowns, while intercepting two passes…..Burlington Township’s Anthony Johnson also had a big game, catching five for 165 yards and a touchdown. He also scored a touchdown rushing and had an interception….Annoyances: I am in a public men’s room and I go to wash my hands. There is an automatic faucet and I put my hands underneath with nothing coming out. I move my hands up and down, still nothing. Then water comes out when I am removing my hands. Has that ever happened to you?….Ramsey-Hanover Park is one game that could give us a lot of points…. Hillside has a pair of junior running backs in Muwaffaq Parkman and Kyon Simonson. Parkman had 160 yards on ten carries, while Simonson had 150 on eight carries. It reminds me of the Pony Express duo of Eric Dickerson and Craig James for SMU in the early 1980’s….The Woodrow Wilson-Timber Creek game features two of the state’s best quarterbacks: Donovan Leary of Timber Creek and Devin Kargman of Woodrow Wilson….I look forward to the Cedar Grove-Caldwell game with two undefeated teams….In case anyone is going to Delbarton from Bergen County to see them play Don Bosco, do not – I repeat do not take Route 80 until you are past Paterson. Last week, it took me 40 minutes to go two miles and I was late for my game….I finally saw a game at Morris Knolls and it is a nice place to see a game. It will be even nicer when the fall foliage comes….One of these days, I will make it out to West Morris….Speaking of Caldwell, I have always liked their helmet, one they have worn for at least twenty years….With fewer and fewer games being played on Saturday, I was very sad when Sparta got lights a couple of years ago and began playing on Friday nights. I miss the Saturday trips to go there. It’s very scenic and the stands are right on top of the field….I have also been told that Toms River South is a good place to see a game on Friday night….Cedar Creek had a big win and if someone asked me, I would have picked Holy Spirit to win. With Jojo Bernudez being one of the state’s best receivers, the Pirates also have a very good defense, allowing only 14 points to date and have six 3-year starters….One team in North Jersey with a very tough schedule is Northern Highlands and they are currently 5-0 with 5-0 Clifton up next….That’s all for this week; I will be back next week with some more bull!

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