Post 754 – Bull Session Week Five

Bull Session Week Five

Last Thursday’s rain prevented me from seeing Eastside host Northern Highlands, a game won by Highlands. I was looking forward to seeing Eastside and will try to do that in the coming weeks….If the playoffs started this week, Wayne Hills would not be in, 17th out of 16…..A fun game to watch last Saturday was Chatham beating Montville, 35-32 in a game of two undefeated teams. What I noticed in the box score was both teams scored five touchdowns with Chatham making all their extra point attempts and Montville converting one two-point attempt out of five. As Greg Toal would say, “it’s like Montville didn’t even score four of those touchdowns.”….It has been a tough week for me with the Giants aftermath. If somebody wanted a slogan for their current state (or the Jets for that matter, it would be “That 70’s Show.” I remember the 70’s and how it was for the Giants and this is very similar….I get to see a game at Morris Knolls this weekend and I’ve always been told this is an excellent place to see a football game….Clemson was knocked off by North Carolina State in overtime last week with Timber Creek’s Devin Leary leading them at quarterback….If you are at Manasquan for a game, I loved the meatball sandwich they had. Both the meatballs and the roll were awesome. I had to choose between the meatballs, the sausage & peppers, and pizza. They also bill their popcorn as “the best popcorn at the shore.”….As good as the Bergen Catholic-Don Bosco rivalry, I would put Phillipsburg-Easton as the top rivalry I am aware of in New Jersey….As good as Tom Brady is, there are defenders who say Aaron Rodgers is the toughest to defend….I think the dark horse in South Jersey Group 2 is Nottingham. Mercer County is not known for their football, but Nottingham does play a schedule of Groups 4 and 5….Watching the Ramsey-Ridgefield Park game, I witnessed a nice pancake block by Ramsey’s Rob Mandel on a Ridgefield Park defender….#7 Ocean City in my Public Groups 3-4-5 poll has allowed six points in five points to date….Many I speak to are still wondering how Newark West Side went from being a Group 3 this summer to a Group 1….3-0 Linden had a nice win over Westfield last week and rebounded well after only having one win last year. Quarterback Tequan Thomas rushed for 190 yards in last week’s win….Some may not know, but Wallkill Valley coach Bobby Leach coached barefoot on the sideline. Rain, snow, or sleet? He’s still coaching barefoot….4-0 Delsea is averaging 43 points a game on offense….With these new formulas to determine playoff seedings, I still miss the old power point method. I could always figure out who would play who. Now, I don’t even attempt to figure it out….That was a tough one for DePaul to lose last week to St. Peter’s Prep….It sounds like Winslow’s overtime win over Camden in overtime was a great game….That’s all for this week, I will return next week with some more bull!

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