Post 505 – Holy Spirit and Willingboro at Rutgers

I went home after the first two Sunday games at Rutgers because I was worn out by five games in two days. Plus I would be getting home late if I stayed for all four games and I would have to rise early the next day. Therefore, I watched the last two games on the stream; granted, I missed most of the first half from Holy Spirit’s win.  Below, I offer my observation from what I saw.

Holy Spirit-St. Joe’s (Hammonton): I arrived home and turned on the stream immediately. At that point, there were three minutes left in the half with Holy Spirit leading, 8-0. The Spartans scored shortly after that to make it 16-0 before halftime.

The second half was more of the same: Holy Spirit beating the you-know-what out of St. Joe’s – something that rarely happens. I can’t even name starts for Holy Spirit – it was a team effort. The Spartans won, 38-0, and the running clock was in place. Holy Spirit put out a great effort and avenged a 22-19 loss from early last month.

Willingboro-Penns Grove: This was a much, anticipated game and Willingboro rolled to a 50-14 win. The Chimeras wasted no time, getting off to a 10-0 lead after one quarter with a touchdown, two-point conversion, and a safety. The touchdown was a Au-Shaun Davis-to-Chris Long touchdown pass, the first of three. Davis, in fact, threw six touchdown passes, while Demie Sumo had three touchdowns: two receptions and one run. Willingboro was a big-play machine and also ran the ball well with Zyaire Clements gaining yardage. The defense was very good and Nate Robertson had a very big day. In short, Willingboro was outstanding.

It was the end of a 25-game winning streak for Penns Grove. They simply ran into a buzz-saw, much the way St. Joe’s (Hammonton) did against Holy Spirit. They had a great run over the last three years and I expect to see more big years.

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