Post 475 – Bull Session Week Seven

This past Saturday, I traveled to Princeton to see Hun host Peddie, big prep school rivals. The game was very entertaining and there is very good talent on the field. The atmosphere is different, more like a smaller version of seeing a Delbarton home game. The drive is well over an hour, but a worthwhile drive for die-hard football fans…..When I left the game at Hun, I received a text that Seton Hall Prep beat St. Joe’s (Montvale), 28-27. That is something that can be filed under I didn’t see that coming…..I’ve mentioned it before, one of the best players in the state is Jada Byers of St. Joe’s (Hammonton). Ignored by colleges because of his size, standing 5-7, he is a threat from any place on the field, being able to score on offense, defense, and special teams. Last week, he scored two defensive touchdowns: a 65-yard fumble return and a 102-yard interception. Per Bill Evans of, Byers is within 10 touchdowns and 78 points of passing Paulsboro’s Kevin Harvey’s South Jersey scoring record…..After a 1-3 start, Montclair has won three of four and host Irvington this Saturday…..Linden continuation: a 2-6 record does not look good, but after a 35-0 opening night loss to Donovan Catholic, the Tigers have lost five games by a combined 36 points, including last week’s 21-14 loss to 7-1 St. Joe’s (Metuchen)…..0-8 Howell continuation: while the record is bad, the Rebels have lost those eight games by an aggregate 73 points. Subtract the largest margin of 25 to Brick and seven losses are by 48 points…..Uniform front: As much as I enjoyed Peddie’s win, their road uniform of light gray jerseys and light yellow numbers are difficult to read. It was especially hard when a player would do something on the opposite side of the field. Please switch to navy blue numbers next year…..With the playoffs coming soon, I prefer the old format of four groups instead of the present five. There are too many average to below average teams make the playoffs who do not deserve to be there…..In addition, with five groups, the Group 3 teams are either teams that are really the old Group 3 or Group 2 team stuck in Group 3…..An athletic director of a school of a team I ranked, emailed me that if I had seen them play, I would have ranked higher than I had them. I replied that had they won last week, they would probably move up. Unfortunately for them, they were beaten soundly and have now exited the Top 25…..Pet Peeves: I hate it when I automatically get a straw with my drink when I order from a fast food joint, as if I they are doing me a favor. I hate it even more when they or any other establishment puts junk on my burgers – again, as if they are doing me a favor. I rarely, if ever, use a straw when I drink something and I like my burgers with nothing on them, maybe ketchup. Why can’t someone ask for additional stuff on their burgers? That’s one reason why I will not go to White Castle for their Booger Burgers…..I had my Mike Ditka moment when the Giants lost to the Cardinals and said “I don’t think this team can win another game this year” the way Iron Mike did in his last year coaching the Bears…..Boy, the Cleveland Browns are a circus and have a 2-5 team to boot. On top of that, Odell Beckham Jr. is not setting the world on fire. In fact, running back Nick Chubb is having a much better year…..Possible Barnburner of the Week is Park Ridge’s comeback win over Cresskill. Westfield knocking off previously undefeated Phillipsburg in overtime is another. Willingboro over Woodrow Wilson is another, in addition to the aforementioned Seton Hall Prep win…..That’s all for this week and I will be back with more bull next Wednesday! 

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