Post 285 – Bull Session 19-08

I am not a horse racing fan, but I love watching the Kentucky Derby. It is special and fun to watch those horses race around the track. That being said, The disqualification of Maximum Security was a farce. The replay did not show anything outrageous and the almost-twenty-minute replay made the NFL look fast and efficient….I bet you the National Hockey League front office breathed a sigh of relief when Boston eliminated Columbus, avoiding a ratings nightmare with Columbus playing Carolina in one semi-final…..The upcoming NHL Draft has the most buzz in this area I can remember, with the Devils owning the first pick the Rangers having the second, courtesy of the draft lottery…..Golden State is without Kevin Durant for the time being, but I will believe they don’t win the NBA title when I see it…..Speaking of drafts, some of the Giant fans have become so hysterical over picking Daniel Jones with the sixth pick, in addition to losing Odell Beckham and Landon Collins…..I know the Cleveland Browns look very good on paper right no, but, as Tony Karcich once said, this game is not played on paper…..Kawhi Leonard’s game-winning shot in Game 7 for the Raptors was an instant classic, especially with the ball bouncing off the rim a few times…….The Yankees keep winning with many of their players out injured. I keep calling them the Scranton-Wilkes barre Yankees…..With the Mets winning two straight, we will see where this season heads. It looked like they were going the same direction as last year, but the Marlins came along to change things…..High school front – I like the idea of the newly created Ivy Division in the Super Football Conference. I especially like the idea that they do not qualify for the playoffs and have a division playoff of their own, similar to the NJIC. These are teams that have been very down and simply have no chance against average teams, let alone good ones…..That’s all for now, I will be back soon for some more bull and keep in mind, it will not be long before I am doing team previews for high school football.

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