Post 279 – Bull Session 19-07

Now that the NCAA men’s basketball is complete, I can at least say the only team I correctly predicted in the Final Four is the champion: Virginia. After two rounds, I had all eight quarter-finalists still alive, but things change in a hurry. I had Michigan beating Kentucky in the final and Duke as the other team in the Final Four…..The Stanley Cup playoffs are off to a good start one night in with the Islanders winning a good game in overtime. Columbus also won a good game for them, coming back from a 3-goal deficit. There’s nothing like the Stanley Cup playoffs…..The NHL Draft Lottery has the Devils picking first and the Rangers second. This should be good for hockey in the area and the top two prospects, Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko are above the rest of the prospects in a deep draft. I can only hope Knicks have similar luck in the NBA Draft Lottery…..Good luck to the Nets who made the playoffs and start against the 76’ers, a tough out…..Luis Severino’s shoulder/arm issue just doesn’t look good….. Whether the Giants draft a quarterback in the first round or not to eventually replace Eli Manning, the same can be said for New England and the LA Chargers doing the same to eventually replace Tom Brady and Philip Rivers, respectively. Ditto New Orleans with Drew Brees and Pittsburgh with Ben Roethlisberger, though the Saints have Teddy Bridgewater in reserve and the Steelers have a couple of young ones in reserve…..Nobody asked me, but I like the trade that brought Kevin Zeitler to the Giants…..I am fine with the Odell Beckham Jr trade, by the way…..New pet peeve: the term “tanking” is being used much too often. Most of the time, the team already stinks…..The Jets new uniforms look good to me and they’re more like the uniforms they had in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I just don’t like the black alternate uniforms.….This is the time of year when smokescreens run rampant when preparing for the NFL Draft. One never knows what the team says is real or they are trying to get other teams to think a team will headed in a certain direction when they are not…..I am always leery when a former star returns to coach his former team or become the general manager. It doesn’t work out the way it did when he was a player. The latest example is Chris Mullin at St. John’s…..The Mets are off to a good start, but many Met fans will say there’s still a long way to go…..I was in the Philly suburbs last weekend and I see Phillie fans with Bryce Harper jerseys already…..I know the Jets will get a very good player and I am hoping either Alabama’s Quinnen Williams or Kentucky’s Josh Allen (a Montclair grad) fall down to the Giants…..That’s all for this week; I will be back soon with more bull. I have taken it easy the last two weeks, as I have been going at this the last nine months.  


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