Post 251 – Bull Session 19-02

With New England playing the LA Rams in the Super Bowl, we have some role reversal from their Super Bowl meeting of seventeen years ago.  Back then, New England was the upstart team and the Rams were established, winning the Super Bowl two years before that.  Now the Rams are the upstart team and New England is the established team…..Speaking of Super Bowl, I have a new pet peeve: whenever they have Super Bowl trivia, they ask the contestant about a specific Super Bowl by giving the number instead of the year.  The year is easy to come up with, but the number makes me have to go through the order before I can get to the answer …..I will be the first one to admit to some bad calls by the NFL officials this year.  In the wake of the non-penalty call that may have cost New Orleans, I hear talk of expanding the replay rule to penalty calls.  Just what they need: more delays that take too much time.  Whether or not they expand things, they should have a 45-second clock on all replays and if they can’t reach a conclusion, the call stands.  The current rule states the replay is there to correct egregiously blown calls and they are going beyond what the rule states…..I don’t know about you, but I find color analyst Tony Romo very annoying, as he talks non-stop.  I muted much of the AFC Championship Game’s fourth quarter because he was unbearable…..Congratulations to Mariano Rivera and the others inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame…..Two surprises on the local pro sports scene are the New York Islanders and Brooklyn Nets…..The Islanders bringing in coach Barry Trotz, fresh off a Stanley Cup championship in Washington has been the big move and he has brought order to the team, improving their defense from a league-worst 296 goals allowed last year to a league-best after 49 games of 122.  Many thought the Isles would be in for a long season after losing star John Taveras to Toronto in free agency, but they have the fifth-best record in the NHL…..The Nets have a winning record at 25-23 and coach Rick Atkinson is doing an outstanding job for a franchise that has not had a first-round pick of their own – lottery picks – in several years….. High School Front:  The rich get richer – Bergen Catholic wrestling is stronger with the addition of brothers AJ and Anthony Ferrari.  Both are eligible today after transferring from Blair Academy. AJ Ferrari is ranked the top wrestler in his country at his weight class (195), while Anthony finished second in the Beast of the East tournament in December…..The Bergen Jamboree in Bergen County is starting soon and, to me, it has lost its fastball.  Most of the teams in the tournament have no chance of advancing to the semi-finals, let alone winning the tournament.  If one school gets lucky enough to make the semi-finals, they are only offering themselves as a sacrificial lamb to a Bergen Catholic or a Don Bosco.  If it was up to me, I would only have eight teams in the Jamboree and have the other schools participate in the Bergen Invitational Tournament (BIT).  The quality of that tournament would improve and the final could be very exciting…..This is the time of year in high school football when many speculate who may get the head coaching job at a particular school, but it seems quiet this year to date…..That’s all for this week and I will be back with more bull next week!


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