Post 248 – Bull Session 19-01

The most exciting weekend of the NFL season is this weekend, when the conference championships are played to determine who goes to the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl determines the champion, but the conference finals, I think, are the better games…..Clemson beat Alabama and I am not surprised that Clemson won, but I am surprised by the margin of victory.  Trevor Lawrence will be a very high draft pick at quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft, unless something major happens…..I do not like to see star players in college skipping their bowl game to prepare for the NFL Draft, but I will have to get used to it…..Speaking of the NFL Draft, the Giants pick sixth and the Jets third.  One player I would like to see the the Giants pick would be Kentucky pass rusher, Josh Allen, by way of Montclair.  However, could see the Jets picking him with their pick, too……That being said, the Giants could go quarterback with — Haskins, an offensive lineman, or anyone on defense because the Giants have no impact players on defense. If they do pick a quarterback, I want it because they really think highly of someone; not reaching for one.  A big reason why there are many high- first round busts at quarterback are because many reach for a quarterback…..Pet peeves: How many times have I heard a current player on the scene get called the best ever at his position or profession?  Quarterback, for instance; in the 1980’s, it was Joe Montana and currently it’s Tom Brady.  By 2030, it may be someone such as Trevor Lawrence. It’s always the latest flavor. Why can it be someone from fifty years ago?…..Some interesting nicknames among small schools are the Puget Sound Loggers, South Dakota Mines Hardrockers, Emory & Henry Wasps, and Pittsburg (Ks.) Gorillas…..Congratulations to Waldwick grad Joe Harasymiak for being named Coach of the Year at Maine: Harasymiak recently left to join the staff at Minnesota.  …..Division 3 national champ Mary Hardin-Baylor made a trip play Albright this year and won by a score of 91-0 and led 51-0 at the half…..I actually saw my first high school game since football season ended the other night when Bergen Catholic beat St. Joe’s (Montvale) in hoops……That’s it for now and I will return with some more bull next week!

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