Post 1,025 – Bergen Catholic 45 Don Bosco 0

What a difference two months make!

Two months and one day ago Don Bosco stomped and humiliated Bergen Catholic, 31-7. Tonight, Bergen Catholic turned the tables, stomping and humiliating Don Bosco, 45-0, in the Non-Public B final. 

First Quarter: Bergen came out with the ball and Dominic Campanile hit Quincy Porter for 48 yards down the right sideline to the 14-yard line and two plays later, Kaj Sanders scored on an 8-yard run with guard Owen Fernandez’s block springing him into the end zone. Bosco’s Nolan James returned the ensuing kickoff to the Bergen 25, but the BC defense prevented Bosco from gaining a first down and took possession on their 16. After a Bergen punt, Bosco picked up three first downs, the BC defense stiffened and prevented another first down. 

Second Quarter: Bergen moved the ball and had first-and-goal on a pass to Porter to the 4. Two plays later Campanile hit Saeed St. Fleur on a screen, getting into the end zone, courtesy of Porter’s block to make it 14-0, Crusaders. They were moving again on passes to Christian Carti for 31 yards and Porter for 22. That helped add to the lead with a 30-yard field goal by Guytano Bartolomeo to make it 17-0. 

Third Quarter: Bosco needed to get back into the game quickly, but on the quarter’s first play, BC linebacker Joe Barry tipped the pass, caught the ball, and returned it 10 yards to the 4-yard line. Quarterback Jack Duffy moved his way forward for a touchdown on the following play. Two drives later, a Bosco punt snap sailed over the punter’s head and BC had the ball on the 1. St. Fleur scored to make the score 31-0. St. Fleur scored another touchdown to officially put the game on a running clock. 

Fourth Quarter: DJ Samuels scored a touchdown after a long run by St. Fleur to close out the scoring. 

Comments: Bergen dominated Bosco tonight the way Bosco dominated Bergen earlier in the year. Bosco dominated up front the first time, but Bergen’s lines had the edge up front tonight. The offensive line of left tackle Nyier Daniels, left guard Owen Fernandez, center Marcus Linder, right guard Sean Woods, and right tackle Dylan Garrity made room for the running game they could not do in the first game and they protected their quarterbacks. The defensive line of DJ Samuels, Sydir Mitchell, Elijah Kinsler, Anthony Morales, and Delaney Fludd minimized what Bosco’s talented offensive line could do. In addition, the linebacking trio of Malachi Mercer, Joe Barry, and Christian Gonzalez made themselves known. 

St. Fleur had a big night, running for 136 yards, according to, and Porter is a star in the making as a receiver. 

BC’s defense made the key stops in the first quarter and that dictated how the game would be. If Bosco makes those first downs, they would have had momentum and maybe a touchdown or two. Instead, they turned the ball over on downs both times with BC on its way to a dominant performance and a shutout to boot. 

I was hard, but fair, on the Bergen team after their first meeting with Bosco. They had a lot to prove and they patched humpty dumpty back together again, better than ever. That is something to be proud of, a team that was determined and stayed the course. 

Tonight, I can only write good things about Bergen because it was well earned. 

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