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Above photo is probably by Pat Rice at The Hun School.

I have made adjustments because some of what I wanted to do was too ambitious for myself.

High School Football – I will do what I have done before: team previews, game stories, polls for catholic schools, large public schools, and small public schools.  There will also be other things I will do that I was not able to do before.  In addition, if I have something to say regarding other high school sports, they will be posted here.

High School Wrestling – The little I did on high school wrestling was well received. i will do some wrestling here. I don’t expect to be active the way I am with football, but I will report on wrestling. This is a work in progress and I will do what I can at this point.

Football/Miscellaneous – This is for pro and college football plus the other major sports. Whatever classic rock pieces I do will come here. Most college football is New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. This is where I will do classic rock or other subjects that cross my mind.

Gallery – Photographers are welcome to send me photos of high school football games played.  Feel free to contact me and I can upload some of your photos with the photographer being credited.

Pat “PJR” Rice – September 12, 2019